Video Producer, EditorDirector
based in Nice, France. 
10+ years of experience in Production & Advertising - Branded Content, Social Media Ads, Corporate Films, Documentaries, Music Videos & Short Films. Photography genre - Industrial + Corporate, Advertising, Architecture, Live Artists & Music Scenes.
Clientele includes advertising agencies; Ogilvy, Lowe, DDB and various direct clients; heavy industries, corporate, hotels, FMCG, apparel, yachting and luxury brands on assignment - photographing, making films and creative campaigns for advertisements & merchandising as well as B2B content for internal communication purposes.
Currently based in the south of France, taking up assignments in Europe as well as in India with specialisation in Branded content, Advertising promos, Documentaries, Social Media Ads and 360 VR Content.
With love to shoot live artists and music scenes when not working on commissioned assignments, I cover stories of Music Festivals, various NGOs, and volunteer for causes.
All these started with an indomitable urge to capture the evanescent, the fleeting moments of life in their true colours; maybe the kid had the grief of failure in Drawing subject in school. The unborn, the inchoate part within, with love and appreciation for technology entered into a happy wedlock with engineering to step into the photography school “Light and Life Academy” with an uncommon sense of fulfilment and zeal of self discovery.
Started my career in advertising photography in 2012, with skills enhanced and sharpened and also the craft mastered in the premiere school of photography, opportunities in commercials like heavy industries, corporate businesses, FMCG brands, apparel brands, supermarkets, hotels, and various other clients-promoted deals taught the lessons of business.

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